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Drone technology is revolutionizing the marketplace. Regardless of industry, company size or job function, the time for businesses and individuals to take advantage of this game changing technology is here.

Businesses across industries are recognizing the implications drone technology has on their operations and bottom-lines. In some cases, drone technology is even opening the doors to additional avenues of growth and new revenue streams. To reap the benefits of leveraging drones in business operations, executives are faced with a key decision. Do organizations either build an internal infrastructure to support drone activities, or is outsourcing drone services to a trusted partner the better option? Each scenario brings with it unique implications.

For do-it-yourself businesses, opting for an internal drone program may seem like the obvious decision. This strategy typically requires substantial up-front investment dollars and naturally brings with it a “learn-by-doing” approach – ultimately delaying the rate of return on investment in both time and money. However, for data-sensitive firms where privacy is top-of-mind, keeping these activities in house may make sense. Executives must decide if the need for data protection and security trumps the risk of a large multifaceted investment. If this is the case, businesses will likely be inclined to opt for this more proprietary approach.

However, not all businesses are created equal. Large Fortune 100s may have the resources on hand to pour into their R&D budgets. On the other hand, outsourcing drone services to commercially qualified drone services firms is a perfect solution for enterprising businesses in the-early-to-middle stages of growth. Partnering with a trusted drone services firm gives businesses peace of mind in knowing they’re engaging with specialists well versed in the complexities of the technology and the most recent regulatory updates. Often times, businesses unknowingly face the risk of violating an ambiguous airfare regulation when operating internally with limited expertise. These partnerships give businesses the benefit of dramatically shortening their rate of return by essentially removing the lengthy learning curve associated with this complex technology.

Businesses that fail to take advantage of this technology will crumble into a mere afterthought within the marketplace. Businesses that embrace drone technology to improve operations, make informed decisions and increase productivity will thrive and morph into industry leaders. When businesses are confident in their approach to move forward (i.e. either internally or with a trusted partner), questions will remain unanswered. Having experts to lean on at this point is critical for enjoying the maximum number of benefits with drone technology.

Because drone technology is so complex in nature, many misunderstand or underestimate the power of leveraging drone services within their businesses. The fundamental question of: “Just what can drone services do for me and my business?” needs clarity. Ranging from photography to data-acquisition to risk prevention, drone services can assist in some way. In certain situations, drone technology and drone services may even make traditional practices obsolete. To simplify what can be a daunting topic, this guide is meant to help you answer the question of what our drone services can do for you and your business. Enjoy.


Leveraging drone technology for photography is becoming increasingly popular across industries for good reason. From real estate to agriculture to architectural inspections, drone services provide a previously unmet degree of photographic quality and detail. Drones enable us to capture images at angles and perspectives never seen before to the human eye, giving the recipient of the images a truly novel experience.

Real Estate

Arguably one of the most popular applications of drone photography services is found within the residential and commercial real estate industries. A clear benefit of drone technology within real estate is the ability to capture images of properties once unattainable at a fraction of the cost relative to helicopters and planes.

In the residential real estate world, agents can create a powerful and emotion-evoking initial experience for prospective homebuyers with beautiful imagery. These aerial photographs tell stories to homebuyers because of their unique and incomparable quality. For example, homebuyers can look at an aerial drone image and immediately get a sense of the neighborhood. An image can indicate how close or how far the home is to local shops or schools. Homebuyers can begin imagining their routes to work via drone imagery, ultimately building a stronger relationship with the home compared to the emotions (or lack thereof) evoked from standard images.

In the commercial space, the applications of drone photography services are similar. With the ability to fly lower than helicopters and planes, but higher than one can see from the ground, drone photography services are capturing the tiny details of shopping malls, industrial parks and all other properties. Additionally, drone photography services are being leveraged to prospect undeveloped land, determine the feasibility of new-builds and even inspect structural integrity.


Drone usage in the agricultural sector is helping farmers save time, cut costs and enjoy larger yields. Drone photography services are particularly valuable to farmers because drones can detect information impossible to acquire from a ground-view or the naked eye. Farmers are given the luxury of seeing their entire crop from a bird’s eye view, one unobstructed from cloud cover. Consequently, farmers can leverage these images to detect anything from irrigation problems to the beginning stages of pest infestation within their crop.


Construction engineers and project managers are leveraging drone photography services to combat complexities that naturally arise within small-to-large scale construction projects.

Surveying the job site via aerial images gives engineers and managers a quick and comprehensive look into the status of the project. Aerial drone photography can deliver in-depth insights quicker without the headaches of a larger, more expensive craft like a helicopter or small plane. Additionally, these images can be simultaneously used to show the progression of the project to any pushy clients you may be dealing with. On a safety note, inspecting your site via drone photography is an efficient way to determine how solid the project’s structures are or if the project is deviating from the initial plan.

Are we missing your industry? These are only a few examples of the ways our drone photography services are helping businesses optimize resources and make informed decisions. If you have questions, please reach out to learn how we can help your business with our drone photography services.

Video and Cinematography – Marketing, Advertising & Cinema

In the realm of marketing, advertising and cinema, leveraging drone technology for videography and cinematography offers a number of advantages and only one real limitation: the extent of your creativity.

Drone video and cinematography services offer marketers, advertisers and cinematographers a completely new perspective of capturing the world and telling stories. The power of drone video and cinematography is disrupting traditional methodologies and will continue to revolutionize how video is captured and shared.

Marketing & Advertising

Drone videography services are shaking up the marketing and advertising world. Aerial video that was once expensive and brought with it a complex, logistical process is now cost effective and easy. The effectiveness and efficiencies of leveraging drones for capturing unique video are so significant that top brands throughout the world are adopting this technology. Industry leaders like BMW, Infinity, Nike and Converse are only a few of the leading brands using drone services in their videography marketing efforts to create truly compelling messages.

The issue in creating effective video content for marketing initiatives is determining how to capture your customer’s attention in a world of distraction – our drone services provide the means for doing so. Drone technology is paving the way for the accessibility to unique video content aimed at giving marketers the freedom to innovate and create in ways that were previously impossible.

Equally as fascinating is the use of drones for specific targeting and data collection activities. Drones are being used as geo-targeting and proximity marketing tools by bold marketers across the world. Using drones for data collection is another viable option for savvy marketers, especially with the integration of drones with big data and cloud technologies.

The key question for marketers and advertisers is not if drone services can be used to capture the attention of its target audience. The real question is when will drone services become a fundamental part of video strategies for marketing and advertising professionals alike.

Motion Pictures

Large media and entertainment players like HBO, MTV and Warner Brothers are already taking advantage of aerial drone cinematography by partnering with industry experts. Our aerial drone cinematography services open the doors to giving you the footage of your dreams because of our ability to capture any angle, any perspective or any shot – regardless of external conditions.

Compared to helicopters or small aircrafts, drones can capture the shots you need for your motion picture in any condition. Whether gusty winds, snowstorms or torrential downpour stand in the way between you and your perfect shot, our experienced drone cinematography specialists can navigate through natural conditions to deliver the perfect footage.

The theme in the realm of drone services in videography and cinematography is the new ability to capture shots never before available to video and filmmakers. Drone services give you the opportunity to create a truly unique experience with your customer or viewer by telling a story never before told via unique angles and imagery. Curious to learn more about how you can create these stories?

Aerial Mapping

The use of drones for aerial mapping has been a popular application of the technology since the beginning of its presence in the commercial sector for good reason. Contrary to traditional practices of capturing data needed for complex mapping, drones are increasingly more cost-effective and provide more accurate and granular data. Simply put, leveraging drone services for your business’s mapping needs gives you a quicker result, more accurate information and the ability to make better informed decisions.

Land Surveying

Land surveyors are adding drones to their tool-belts for a variety of reasons. Firstly, using drone services can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to acquire data. Drones can capture millions of data points in one short flight from the sky by taking and creating geo-referenced digital aerial images. These images can have resolutions of up to 1.5 cm per pixel, giving you an in-depth and incomparable understanding of what you are surveying. By simplifying the data acquisition process, you can focus your efforts on structuring and analyzing the data; rather than gathering the data.

An intangible and significant benefit of leveraging drone services for aerial mapping is the minimized risk of your labor force. Drone services diminish the amount of time required on the ground. For surveying teams dealing with sites involving mines, unstable slopes or dangerous conditions, drones can prevent injury by gathering intelligence from the sky; rather than from the ground.


Similarly, drone technology is giving GIS professionals quicker and more efficient project workflows. Our drone services acquire accurate aerial imagery that can then be transformed into 2D maps and 3D models in a quick turnaround.

Drone technology gives you the autonomy of capturing exactly what you need due to the ease of use. Rather than waiting for a manned aircraft or satellite imagery, our drones services can often plan, fly, download and process data in the same day. Because drones can navigate freely through the sky, cloud cover is never an issue and weather conditions can be worked through to get you your data when you need it. Ultimately, our drone services help you make more informed decisions in a quicker amount of time.


In the world of mining, our drone services are aimed at reducing the high risk associated with mining projects. Our drone technology is employed up in the sky gathering spatial data often typically acquired by the mining staff on the ground. We help you minimize the amount of time spent on the ground at your site, ultimately minimizing the room for error.

Collecting vast amounts of data from above in a matter of hours is also a benefit of leveraging our drone services for your mining projects. Whether you’re engaging in short-term planning, long-term planning, geology or hydrology projects, our aerial mapping services can assist in minimizing the costs required for a successful project.

The applications of aerial mapping are not limited to these three examples here. Regardless of your industry, aerial mapping via drone technology can often significantly reduce the typical cost of the projects and dramatically increase the efficiency of the data acquisition and the map creation process.

Safety & Rescue

Our drone services applied to safety and rescue needs are effective in reducing response time, minimizing the variability in data and providing you with the insight required for making effective decisions in times of crisis.

Whether you’re an NGO or local municipality working on a preventative safety strategy for your city, or you need to spring into action and receive immediate feedback in times of crisis, our drone services have you covered. Our drone technology gives you a bird’s eye view of the area in question via high-resolution images that are compiled and morphed together to create geo-referenced maps. The immediate accessibility to the data is the key value-add, especially in high-stakes situations involving safety and rescue. With drone technology, you can avoid the hassle of working with a manned aircraft that is subject to delays, or relying on satellite data that may be low resolution or out-of-date. In times of crisis where immediate action is a necessity, there is no room for error.

In the case of a disaster, accurate data is needed quickly to ensure the safety of individuals involved. Drone units armed with photo or video can provide real-time feedback to your ground station, giving you and your team the information required for making strategic decisions in a timely manner. Even further, by leveraging cloud technologies you can share this data and these maps with all organizations involved in the effort to ensure everyone is working off of the same geographical reference points.

Distributing aid to and planning rescue activities for those in crisis situations are also key applications drone services provide. In areas where people are distressed and in need, the benefits of receiving immediate feedback of the most up-to-date geographical layout of the region or area are crucial to the effectiveness of aid distribution. In situations where it may not be safe for a rescue official to venture into an unknown disaster area due to a lack of geographical knowledge, drone technology bridges the gap by providing the crucial insight for rescue officials.

For example, in the case of a burglary at the local gas station, drone technology can be extremely helpful. The standard protocol for a police officer responding to such a threat involves clearing the premise to ensure the criminal is no longer on site. Consequently, this search involves the checking roof. If a criminal is armed and waiting on a roof for a police officer to poke his head out in the clearing process, the police officer is clearly in an unfavorable position. By using drone technology that provides immediate feedback via real-time video streaming to clear the roof, the police officer minimizes a large portion of the risk involved in the situation.

The most important benefit of leveraging drone services for safety and rescue applications is the immediate accessibility to the data. Whether your data is coming in the form of photo, video or otherwise, ensuring you and your team have an accurate understanding of the region you’re working in is crucial for the success of your efforts.

Education & Training

The world of drones and their use in commercial sectors is exciting due to the endless possibilities of continued innovation and the discovery of new solutions to old challenges. Although exciting, the technology can be intimidating for some. We understand the learning curve is tough, and we’re here to make it easier. If you’re looking to educate your organization on what drones are, the use of drone technology specifically in your industry or how you can create an internal infrastructure to support drone activities, we can provide guidance. Additionally, if you’re a few steps ahead and you currently have a fleet of drones at your disposal, we can provide assistance on how to achieve maximum benefits from your fleet via effective use.


At the core, drone technology saves organizations’ time, money and provides the insight necessary for making smarter, more informed decisions. If you or your organization is unsure of how drones work, we can give you the understanding you need in order to grasp the significance of this technology. Once we establish a fundamental understanding of core drone concepts, we explore the implications of drone technology within your industry. Whether you know it or not, your competitors are likely experimenting with drone technology in an effort to experience the benefits of doing so correctly.

The marketplace is dynamic and ever changing, and new possibilities to use this technology to achieve a competitive edge are ripe for the taking everyday. By partnering with an industry expert, you are taking your organization one step closer to securing that competitive edge in your respective space. Together, we will determine the best strategy for you and your business aimed at leveraging drone technology in the most effective way.

Our consultative approach is focused on first uncovering your business’s needs and challenges. When the business’s needs have been clarified, we collaborate with your leadership on determining exactly how our drone services can be leveraged to provide solutions to your unique challenges. No two businesses are the same, and we value the process of creating custom solutions for your unique needs. In other words, no two consulting projects are the same and we place a high priority in ensuring the solutions to your challenges are custom built for your industry and your business.


Do you already own a drone or a fleet of drones within your organization? Great! You’re ahead of your competition. If you’re looking to learn more about how you can use this powerful technology to achieve even greater results than you already have, we can help.

Whether your focus is in leveraging drones for photography, videography, aerial mapping, or any other applications drones can be used for, we provide you with the insight needed to ensure you’re structuring your drone processes and systems correctly and effectively. We uncover industry-specific trends related to drone usage, and craft a relevant training program for your business. Depending on how advanced your understanding of your drone technology is, we customize our training accordingly.

Drones are incredibly powerful for optimizing the current state of an organization. It is critical to your organization’s success that drones be used effectively, and we can help guide you if you are unsure of where to begin.


By now, you should have a solid understanding of the many different functions drones serve in the marketplace. Across industries, drones are revolutionizing how businesses operate and make decisions. For the sake of your own success, it is paramount you determine exactly how you are going to employ drones to become more effective. For businesses that may lack the extensive capital required for building out and supporting internal drone activities, collaborating with a trusted partner who can provide drone services is crucial. We are that partner. Our expertise spans across industries and applications, and we would love the opportunity to help your business thrive in this continuous world of innovation.